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Ankush auto deals present Maharathi Battery Rickshaw, eco-friendly, low maintainance. We are supplying the products on all over in india. Our Company is ISO approved, founded in 2004, which is engaged in import, export, trade, supply and manufacturing of electric rickshaws, battery rickshaws, electric passenger rickshaws, eco-friendly automobiles etc.

M / s Ankush Auto Deals is an ISO approved company established in 2004, which is engaged in the comprehensive classification of import, export, trade, supply and manufacturing of Electric Rickshaw or E-Rickshaw or Battery Operated Rickshaw, Inspired by advanced technology and innovation, products like electric rickshaw, e-rickshaw, electric battery rickshaw, rechargeable battery rickshaw and electric loader rickshaw.

It assembled with high-tech components, making them reliable on display. We offer our products under the brand(MAHARATHI) name which is govt. approved. The other additional features of these aforementioned electric rickshaws are low maintenance cost, comfortable design and high efficiency rate, which ultimately sets them on high demand. It is fully equipped with our engineering and designing capabilities along with strict quality testing on a regular basis, we are able to come out with many high end e-rickshaws.

What is E rickshaw :
The term "e-rickshaw" means electric rickshaw, the eco friendly vehicle. As the name suggests that these are electric rickshaw, quite different from the traditional rickshaws, and so there is no emission of any fuel or any harmful gases. There are four batteries set in these vehicles which is rechargeable and can easily be recharged at home and run minimum 80km to 100km in one time. In recent years, the demand for such rechargeable battery rickshaws has been increased with people who are becoming more aware of environmental decadence.

Quality and infrastructure:
We(ankush auto deals) have a good understanding of the essentials of quality, design and production for the manufacture of e-rickshaw and are fully honest about the level of quality supplied at the competitive price range. We have a world-class (basic equipment that is required for business or society) prepared with all the latest equipment and machinery.

Vission and Mission :
To provide the best quality and service to our customer/Dealer.
100% availability of actual spare parts for all our Erickshaw models.
We always promote entrepreneurial skills with the accountability at different levels. We also customize the product on demand.

The Company (ankush auto deals) is helped increase/showed in a good way and headed by Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, who specializes in national and international marketing and has an impressive record and rich experience in different national and international companies.

E Rickshaw is better for Environment
These are environmentally friendly and secure battery operated rickshaws or e-rickshaws that will improve the quality of life of the poor and will do a lot for the environment. If you are traveling in the world you can use it for small distance. It is luxuary and comfirtable.Global warming is increasing day by day. The Motor vehicles also played a big role to disturb the Environment, thereby causing many adverse effects in the environment. One of the reasons for global warming in the emission of greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide and many more in the atmosphere. Approximately 20% of the carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles is a major problem in all developed countries,

maharathi premium erickshawMaharathi Erickshaw
Maharathi E-Rickshaw is an Icat approved Brand of Erickshaw and the company is ISO approved founded in 2004, which is broadly classified in the import, export, trade, supply and manufacture of electric rickshaws, battery rickshaws, electric passenger rickshaws, ecologically friendly automobiles etc. The company has its own manufacturing & Wholesaing of erickshaw.

maharathi premium erickshawMaharathi Premium Erickshaw
Global warming is the average increase in temperature of the Earth, thereby causing many adverse effects in the environment. There are several reasons for global warming, one of the reasons is the emission of greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide in the environment. Emission research of carbon dioxide emitted from cars and other gases from branches has shown that approximately 20% of carbon dioxide eqmitted from vehicles is a major problem in all developed countries. This Erickshaw is eco-friendly which is non polluted vehicle.

maharathi premium erickshawMaharathi Deluxe Erickshaw
E-rickshaws and e-carts are going to be built behind the Indian transport system because it provides the most economical noise and pollution free ride. It is a favor for every part of the city in india or it will be used effectively in a small village or world class city e-vehicle.

erickshaw spare parts supplierErickshaw Spare Parts
We are one of the biggest wholesaler and supplier of e-rickshaw spare parts and accessories. Spare parts are tested for parts like E-Rickshaw Motors, E-Rickshaw Controllers, Steering Bars, Definistials, Rims, Junkys, Front Axels, Brake Pedals, Throttle Handles (Right Bar), Front Horns etc. . Prior to their usefulness in the manufacturing process, Quality also offers additional conduction like free driver foot mat, free rear looking glass and free tool kit.

  Our Products are : E rickshaw Electric rickshaws Battery operated electric rickshaw Battery operated e rickshaw Battery rickshaw Eco friendly e rickshaw Eco Friendly Battery rickshaw Eco friendly Battery Operated Electric Rickshaw Govt. Approved E rickshaw Govt. Approved Electric rickshaw Battery E Rickshaw Electric Battery Cargo Carrier Electric Golf Cart Rechargeable Electric Rickshaws Rechargeable E Rickshaws Pollution free E Rickshaws Pollution free Electric Rickshaws Load carrier E Rickshaws Load carrier Electric Rickshaws Electric Battery Rickshaw E Battery Rickshaw 4-6 Persons Capacity Electric Rickshaw 4-6 Persons Capacity E Rickshaw 4-6 Seater Electric Rickshaw Passenger E Rickshaw Battery Operated Passenger E Rickshaw 850w Electric Cargo Rickshaw Battery Operated Cycle Rickshaw 9 Seater Battery Rickshaw Battery Operated Loading Rickshaw Battery Operated Loading E Rickshaw Battery Operated Loading Electric Rickshaw

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ANKUSH AUTO DEALS Manufacturer and Supplier of Battery Rickshaw, Battery Operated Rickshaw , Battery E Rickshaw, Eco-friendly Battery Rickshaw, Rechargeable Battery Rickshaw etc. from Delhi NCR at affordable Prices.
ankush auto deals is the largest manufacturer of battery operated rickshaw.Our e-rickshaws (MAHARATHI) are specially manufactured and designed for Indian roads which is safe and luxuary. Rickshaw abrasion resistant body fully CRC pipe, comfortable and spacefic seats, eco-friendly, highly recomended and economical....
ankush auto deals provide Icat approved maharathi brand rickshaw from New DelhiAnkush Auto Deal is committed to offering new world class quality products and better quality and service at competitive and affordable prices after starting from 2004. Our specially designed rickshaw has ultra low maintenance, heavy load bearing technology, strong and durable shoppers etc thatswhy the demand of the MAHARATHI BRAND rickshaw....
Manufacturer and wholesaler of Maharathi Battery RickshawWe (Ankush Auto Deals) are the leading manufacturers and wholesaler of quality and excellent merchandise. Our business thrives on ethics based on human values of Honesty, Integrity & loyalty....
Take a godowns survey of ankush auto deals (MAHARATHI BATTERY RICKSHAW)These are environmentally friendly and safe - It improved the quality of living standards for the poor people and will do a lot for the environment.Our motto is to serve the community from a professional perspective...
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